Innovative and sustainable process

With our innovative process, we recover plant by-products from food processors, ensuring that the entire by-product management follows the optimal standards for a food product.

Theby-products undergo an environmentally friendly three-stage upcycling process, resulting in the generation of new raw materials and products with increasing value.

The first level

Stabilisation into functional circular flours

Using a low-temperature drying process, we quickly remove water without degrading the most delicate compounds such as flavourings and antioxidants, resulting in high-quality vegetable flours.

The second level

Extraction of bioactive compounds and fibres

A portion of our flours continues the production process and undergoes physical-mechanical extraction, with  a patented green-chemistry process, to obtain fibres and bioactive compounds.

The third level

Creation of biodegradable polymers

One of our long-term goals is to use our natural extracts to create biodegradable,edible food coatings and films that can increase the shelf-life of freshproduce

our team

Riccardo De Leo

R&D Manager

Andrea Quartieri

Head of Operations and IP

Francesco Bigi

Prototype Development and
Quality Manager

Andrea Bedogni

Head of Purchasing and Sales

Gabriele Catania

Communication Manager

Federica Bertacchi

Intellectual Property Advisor

Marco Bezzi

Sustainability and
Water Balance Advisor

Paola Chiari

Food Market Advisor

Andrea Pulvirenti

Scientific Advisor