In our Plant of the Future, we recover plant-based by-products from agri-food industries, taking care that their management follows the optimal standards for food-grade products.

By-products undergo a three-level upcycling process, respectful of the environment, that generates new raw materials and products of increasing value.

Level 1: stabilization into functional circular flours

Thanks to a low-temperature drying process, we rapidly remove water without degrading the most delicate compounds, such as flavours and antioxidants, obtaining high-quality plant-based flours.

Level 2: extraction of bioactive compounds and fibres

Part of the flours continues the transformation process and undergoes extraction, a patented process combining green chemistry and physical-mechanical forces, to separate fibres and other bioactive compounds.

Level 3: creation of eco-sustainable products.

One of our long-term goals is to use our natural extracts to create biodegradable and edible food coatings able to increase the shelf-life of fresh food products.