Packtin, a circular economy company based in Reggio Emilia, will be at CIBUS to showcase its circular, 100% natural and environmentally sustainable flours

Packtin, a science-intensive company based in Reggio Emilia, will take part in CIBUS Connecting Italy, in Parma, on 29 and 30 March, to present its delicious circular flours made from agri-food by-products. Such as Packtin orange peel flour, which, with its Mediterranean aroma and golden colour, makes every baked product special – especially for health-conscious consumers – and enriches it with phenolic compounds and vitamin C.

“Packtin was founded in 2017, and in these few years we have witnessed a great change, both in culture and in food, a real paradigm shift: what were considered pioneering products two or three years ago are now appreciated by chefs, companies and consumers for their deliciousness, their nutritional quality, the fact that they are good for the planet and their ability to add fragrance to cakes, biscuits, flatbreads, creams and soups, as they are obtained by upgrading raw materials that would otherwise be discarded” says Andrea Quartieri, COO and co-founder of Packtin. “This is a time of climate crisis and environmental challenges, such as the drought that has hit the Po Valley, with the river in the conditions we know. This is why we believe that focusing on the circular economy is not only an ethical choice, but also a great opportunity for sustainability and business, for the agri-food ecosystem of Emilia-Romagna and for companies throughout Italy”. Packtin aims to combat waste and strengthen Italy’s food security by valorising by-products such as orange or tomato peels, which are often unused today, and bringing new high-quality, healthy and sustainable food products to the market. The company, based in Reggio Emilia, sells its recycled flours not only in Italy but also abroad, and just over a month ago launched its online shop. During CIBUS it will be in Hall 05, Stand M 029. “At CIBUS we want to present our flours to new buyers. We are very confident: interest in our products is growing every month, even abroad. Our circular flours enhance products. For example, a panettone cake made with our orange peel flour is not only tastier and more fragrant, it also retains its aroma for longer,” says Andrea Bedogni, Sales Manager at Packtin.

From its “Factory of the Future” in Reggio Emilia, Packtin is creating a new production model that does not waste water, that encourages companies to adopt circular production models and that will make it possible to recover 15,000 tonnes of by-products a year by 2025.

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