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    Lugo (Ravenna), December 13, 2022 – UNITEC, a leading group specialized in designing innovative and patented solutions for fresh fruit and vegetable sorting and processing, has acquired a stake in Packtin s.r.l., a science-based company based in Reggio Emilia. Packtin is specialized in the full valorization of agri-food by-products through innovative stabilization and extraction processes […]

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    Packtin takes part in SIAL Paris 2022

    Packtin, a science-based company specialising in 100% vegetable-based circular flours of high nutritional quality, is increasingly looking to foreign markets. That is why it is going to take part in SIAL Paris 2022, one of the world’s largest trade fairs dedicated to the food industry, with 7,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries, and over […]

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    Industrio Talk: ‘Tomorrow’s agriculture: green and 4.0 – Innovation at the service of sustainability’

    Flours that are 100% vegetable, naturally gluten-free, GMO-free, and rich in unique bioactive compounds that can be used for pasta, bread, and cakes. These are the products of Packtin, which the company’s COO and co-founder Andrea Quartieri presented to entrepreneurs and academics attending the Industrio Talk “The agriculture of tomorrow: green and 4.0 – Innovation […]

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    Packtin at CIBUS International Food Exhibition in Parma

    Once again this year, Packtin will be in Parma to take part in the CIBUS International Food Exhibition (Hall 07-08 Stand B 006) where it will present its innovative circular flours. Besides being delicious, Packtin’s flours preserve all the aromas and bioactive compounds found in the original raw materials with no need for additives, colourants […]

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    Andrea Quartieri participates in “Green Transition and Circular Economy: Walking as a multitude”

    Today Andrea Quartieri, co-founder and COO of Packtin, was a speaker at “Green transition and circular economy: Walking as multitudes” in Bologna. It was a wonderful initiative promoted by BASF, focusing on the European Green Deal and circular economy. Other participants included Saori Dubourg, executive director of BASF; renowned international photographer Luca Locatelli; architect Niccolo […]

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    Andrea Quartieri, COO of Packtin, interviewed by Bericus

    Packtin and its ability to innovate have always received much attention from media outlets and blogs. In a conversation with the Bericus blog, our COO and co-founder Andrea Quartieri shared a detailed account of the company’s development, from its origins in a laboratory at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to the present day.

    During […]

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    Packtin on Wired

    “(Wasted) food deserves a new life” is the title of the profile that renowned innovation magazine Wired has dedicated to the science-based company Packtin, specialising in circular flours. One does not get featured in such an important magazine every day, especially considering that the October issue was dedicated to a crucial matter for the whole […]

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    ‘Il resto del Carlino’ dedicates an article to Packtin

    Emilia-Romagna’s leading daily newspaper “Il resto del Carlino” dedicated aninteresting article to Packtin. Packtin would like to thank the reporter and the editorialstaff of the newspaper for their attention.

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    Packtin’s orange flour

    Among Packtin’s flours is one obtained from orange peel. Orange is a symbol of the Mediterranean, the sun, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With its fragrance and inviting golden colour, Packtin’s orange flour enriches bakery products, especially those for health-conscious consumers. Above all, it enhances the product by making it rich in phenolic compounds and […]