Packtin recovers from food industries their by-products, such as orange, apple and tomato peels, spent sugar beetroots. From these by-products we extract bio-polymers and active compounds for the creation of supplements, biodegradable packaging, edible coatings and ingredients for food preservation and safety. Our products are innovative and eco-friendly, they guarantee an increase of shelf-life and safety of food.

Packtin is a project based on circular economy and it was born as a spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Our main goal is the revaluation of food waste and by-products as well as their conversion into innovative and environmental friendly products.

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Food sustainability is a (virtuous) cycle: you can join it by using our sustainable solutions

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There are at least 3 challenges that Packtin wants to face, thanks to our innovative business model. Firstly, we want to decrease food waste; secondly, we want to save materials and energy during the packaging disposal; lastly, we want to start a virtuous cycle which uses materials of natural origin.

Recover of food by-products

20% of food waste occurs during processing, storage / transport: by increasing the shelf-life of foods, we can reduce this fraction of waste.

Dismantlement of raw materials

The natural molecules that we extracts showed a positive impact on the preservation and protection of fresh foods with short shelf-life. Our products anable tomantein and extend the shelf-life guaranteed by synthetic polymers.

Production of Packtin’s products

Films, packaging, green cleansers, coatings for meat or fruit and vegetables with antifungal properties, odorless and tasteless (not perceived by consumers)

Nowadays, the packaging process needs to address the issues of the reduction of environmental impact, the preservation of food shelf-life and quality, and the compliance with regulations. Our effort of continuous research and experimentation perfectly fits in this scenario.

We get inspired by the real needs of our customers to improve our analysis and the production processes. In this way, we want to develop new ideas and customized solutions on the one side; on the other, we offer products with high added value and high qualitative standard.

Our results are a new accomplishment for research, our solutions are a new frontier for food industry. What we give you is increasing quality and better performances of your products

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We will use as raw materials what many people would consider food waste, in order to extract natural substances for food preservation and packaging. Our solutions help the food industry to become greener and more sustainable. Since they are made of natural compounds, our products are safe and healthy for consumers.

0% chemical products

100% natural elements

Increased shelf life and food safety

Less bacterial contamination, more life to products: the opportunities for edible packaging are limitless

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