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Why is this project interesting?

  • Food in your fridge will last longer;
  • Less preservatives in what you eat;
  • We will reduce global food waste;
  • We will reduce the amount of plastic packaging;
  • Less people will be affected by food-borne diseases.

What do we need?

We are a startup so we are rising funds to industrialize our product.
We need 200.000 Euro in order to complete this task.
In this moment we are working on a crowdfunding campaign for getting this amount.
You can contribute for rewards following this link. If you believe that our project should go on and exist, this is the really better moment for contributing: the best crowdfunding project will obtain extra 100.000 Euro from European Community.


Why will your product make me eat healthier?

First of all, our products are an alternative to synthesized food preservatives, one of the major risks of late degenerative pathologies. Moreover, they are made with natural extracts, and by eating them you will get all the health effects that you get by eating fruit and vegetables (antioxidant, anti-colesterol, energizing properties).

How can you reduce global food waste?

How can you reduce the use of plastic packaging?

Why will less people be affected by deseases?

What will you get if you support the project?

Why do we need 200.000 €?

How long will it take to have our products ready?

How will we spend the money?

Who are we and what about our references?

Our idea is born in the laboratories of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where we started studying the properties of natural polymers and the various issues of food preservation and safety. After years of experiments, in May 2017, we founded Packtin, a university spin-off that will bring to industries and to your home the wonders of edible packaging.

Our team is now made of 7 people: Andrea Pulvirenti, University Professor of Food Microbiology, the young researchers Riccardo, Silvia and Andrea, the Sales Manager Germana, the economic advisor Ennio and the accountant Vittorio.

We already successfully taken part in different awards:


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